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Response to “Blogging as a Means of Crafting Writing”:

I love the comparison “for children of the 21st century, technology is like oxygen- a necessary component of their life.” This statement is so true. Students today are very tech-savvy and are much more interested when technology is present. I agree that blogs would encourage more participation in the writing process. Students would be able to easily publish their work and share their work with others to receive feedback. I think this would be a great way to encourage student communication. It would also be very easy to organize since you could see all the comments on one page. I like the suggestion of practicing blogging and commenting on paper bags first. I think it is important for the students to know how to properly use a blog before they begin publishing their blogs online. As I have seen in my practicum experience, having an audience really does make a difference in students’ writing. I think knowing that the teacher and other students will be commenting on the blogs will encourage students to do their best. I would definitely like to use blogging for writing instruction in my future classroom!



I actually discovered #commentsforkids in my practicum a few weeks ago. The librarian taught my first grade class a lesson on persuasive writing. He read them a book about taking care of the planet and spending more time outdoors. Then all the students were given a slip of paper to tweet on. They wrote persuasive tweets like “you should not liter, it will make the world ugly” or “you should spend more time outdoors than inside on your computer.” Mr. Plemmons typed the students’ tweets with #commentsforkids. Responses came pretty quickly. Some of the students’ parents responded as well as strangers. The students loved getting responses to their writing!

I think this is a good way to show students that what they write matters and other people are interested in reading their writing. It is also a great way to get feedback from many people on your writing. I commented on a few blogs through #commentsforkids. I cannot wait to see if the students respond to my comments. However, I am a little hesitant to share my students’ names and writing with the whole world. I think this could be controversial and may need to be discussed with the students’ parents.

Some of the blogs I commented on:


 Classrooms using digital tools:

This is a website about a teacher/librarian who introduces her students to writing workshop first and then a digital writing workshop. She uses her own life as a digital writer to show the students how they can digitally write. She has many good writing instruction ideas and links to other great blogs.


       In this day and age I think the role of digital writing in the classroom is a great thing! Digital writing allows students to easily publish their writing and share it with a huge audience. Technology also offers a variety of ways to display your writing (blogs, gloster, prezi, wordle, tagxedo, etc.) The possibilities are endless! 


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  1. You’ve pulled together info from some truly brilliant people. Seeing what Mr. Plemmons does in action is so inspiring. We will actually be talking about him in class tomorrow as well!

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