Digital Community Participation Project


I created a writers workshop and a literacy board on Pinterest. I think Pinterest is the greatest invention ever!! It is so easy for public school teachers, private school teachers, home school teachers, student teachers, parents, nannies, or kids to share their awesome ideas with each other. I like how you can just look through the education board and find random awesome things, follow other teachers, or search for a specific topic. It is so convenient to have all your great ideas in one place with step by step directions and visuals. Likewise, it is nice if you are unsure of how to do something because you can comment on the post and the person who posted it can help you. This is something you can always look to, delete from if ideas do not work, or add to. I found so many great ideas on Pinterest that I definitely plan to use in my future classroom! I also created boards for math, science, social studies, and organization. I could spend all day on Pinterest! This is by far my favorite digital community!



I created a goodreads account and joined three groups. I joined Teacher’s Book Club, School Librarians and Teachers, and Wild Things: YA Grown-Up. I did not find the groups that useful; however I do think it would be very beneficial to have a group with my future colleagues in which we can share what books we have been reading to our class or what books our students have been reading. We could share teaching ideas, feedback from lessons, our own opinions, or student opinions. Likewise, I could form a group with my students’ parents and suggest books for my students to read and allow parents to suggest books to use in the classroom. While I am not crazy about the groups, I do really like being able to look up any book and see a summary and comments on it. Often times someone has used the book in a classroom or with kids and can provide feedback on that experience. You can also get great ideas for lessons from the comments. It is nice to be able to look up books when I hear them mentioned in classes or text books to see if it is something I would be interested in reading. Goodreads is also a great way to keep a list of books you want to read. It stores all your desires in one place and you can go back and look at the list when you are ready for a new book.

Twitter: I looked at #elemchat every few days and found some really cool links. Some stuff, like pictures of flowers did not really interest me, but some stuff was great! I like how I do not have to follow #elemchat and constantly see the tweets, but I can go look anytime I want to. And I can tweet #elemchat with my own ideas and experiences. These were some of my favorite finds:



I followed Edutopia on Facebook. I did not particularly like all their posts coming up on my news feed. I realized Facebook is something I like to use to stay connected with my friends and family not really to get ideas for education. However, I do follow some of my old teachers and friends who are teachers and it is interesting to see some of the things the post about their students or what they are doing in class. I enjoy following them and make note of good ideas they post.


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