Digital Community Participation Project

Pinterest: I created a writers workshop and a literacy board on Pinterest. I think Pinterest is the greatest invention ever!! It is so easy for public school teachers, private school teachers, home school teachers, student teachers, parents, nannies, or kids to share their awesome ideas with each other. I like how you can […]

Digital Is….

Social Media as a Tool for Peer Collaboration with Elementary Students: A Teacher Inquiry Project “While writing may be required from 8:25am until 9:15am in the physical classroom, writing can be taught 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in the virtual classroom.” I have never thought of social media […]

Digital Writing

Response to “Blogging as a Means of Crafting Writing”: I love the comparison “for children of the 21st century, technology is like oxygen- a necessary component of their life.” This statement is so true. Students today are very tech-savvy and are much more interested when technology is present. I agree that blogs would encourage more […]

Allen & Swistak Article and Friese & Nixon Article

The multigenre research project sounds very interesting! I know I would prefer to display my research in genres other than the typical research paper. Writing birth certificates, newspaper articles, movie posters, diary entries, etc would be so much more fun! I think many students would prefer this as well. I definitely agree that letting the students […]